Why? at Hampton Court 2016

Why is the world like it is? How does it all work and why are we here? These are enormous and intractable questions that great minds have wrestled with for thousands of years, using the prism of science, religion, philosophy and art. The Rolawn garden, Why?, is both solid and grounded, as well as delicate […]

Cocoa at Gardeners’ World Live 2014

The Cocoa Garden celebrates the cocoa tree and the delicious chocolate it provides. We all love chocolate and have our favourite flavourings, many of which are represented in the planting around the golden terrace that suggests it may just be a giant chocolate bar wrapped in gold foil! In the foreground a chocolate pool gently […]

In Perspective at Gardeners’ World Live 2013

In Perspective is concerned with how we perceive size and importance, both physically and emotionally. As Einstein said, ‘Everything is relative’. I am attracted to strong contrasts: light and dark, large and small, rough and smooth, near and far. Perspective may be seen as a form of contrast. It never ceases to amaze me how […]

The Quilted Velvet Garden at Chelsea 2009

The Quilted Velvet garden is based on a dream, taking the form of a long, arduous journey through the everyday world of work and domestic chores, eventually arriving at a place of comfort and luxury. The foreground invites the onlooker into a sunken bed of lavender Busy Lizzies, punctuated by rising stepping stones winding around […]

The Urban Plantaholic’s Kitchen Garden at Chelsea 2010

The Urban Plantaholic’s Kitchen Garden is the garden of a plantaholic bachelor, an eccentric who lives in the city and has a high profile, stressful job. Away from work he wants to escape into his own world with only his beloved plants for company. He does not cook at home and has allowed his latest […]