Why? at Hampton Court 2016

Why is the world like it is?

How does it all work and why are we here?

These are enormous and intractable questions that great minds have wrestled with for thousands of years, using the prism of science, religion, philosophy and art.

The Rolawn garden, Why?, is both solid and grounded, as well as delicate and complex, connecting the earth and the sky, with a sense of the ancient ways of explaining the universe. From one side it allows a glimpse into the inner sanctum below the sky and the earth: a sacred inner world (the human mind) that suggests deep contemplation of a philosophical nature.

The chaotic complexity of existence is represented by the two structures: one large and external, representing the universe, and the other small and internal, representing the human mind. In both structures the rods are at seemingly random angles and meeting points, but create a coherent whole when seen from a distance.