Ecstasy In A Very Black Box at Hampton Court 2008

Ecstasy In A Very Black Box is a visual representation of bipolar disorder.

The dual nature of the condition is reflected in the sharply contrasting textures, colours and shapes. The black, prison like outer wall suggests constraint and limitation, while the upturned box spilling its brightly coloured contents expresses freedom and euphoria.

At first it seems that Ecstasy In A Very Black Box is suggesting that bipolar disorder is a simple matter of extremes. However, the many different textures used, attempts to convey something of the complexity of the disorder. It is recognised that there is a bipolar spectrum and that no two sufferers experience exactly the same symptoms or to the same degree.

Many people live with the milder forms of bipolar all their lives without being formally diagnosed or receiving any treatment. Others have symptoms so severe that a normal life is impossible, and they rely on constant medication and the support of MDF The BiPolar Organisation.