Enough is Enough

How long is this depressing weather going to last?

It feels to me like we entered a tunnel back in November and four months later still can’t see the light. It’s worse than Eurotunnel! Well, perhaps not quite that extreme but still uncomfortable and  inconvenient and  irritating and I have had enough.

I need to see the sun and feel its warmth on my back. I need to get out in the garden to tidy up the beds and borders, not to mention repair the damage done to the lawn by Mr Mole.

In desperation I am close to contemplating a cheap flight to somewhere reasonably close to somewhere hot! Although with second thoughts that still won’t help me catch up on the gardening.

Perhaps after all these years it will be the weather that drives me into the clutches of religion. Pray God deliver me from cold, wet, gloominess.

I am off to look up Paganism on the world wide winter web.

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