Didn’t Last Long

My New Year’s resolution  only lasted a couple of days; leopards and spots and all that. Last night I started reading The Quantum Universe: Everything That Can Happen Does Happen by Brian Cox and Jeff Forman. Even considering the title for a while is enough to blow my New Year intentions (see last post) right into […]

Jeremy Clarkson and ORD

Please take a moment to consider the following: When asked a question relating to an event you haven’t witnessed, should you 1) Give an opinion expressing your shock, horror and disgust? 2) Decline to comment until you have acquainted yourself with the relevant information? Well, from where I sit it looks like you have a 50/50 […]

Chaos, Fate and None So Blind

 I have of late been considering the idea of fate. It started quite unexpectedly a few months ago. Out of the blue I had an idea for an art installation. It seemed at the time to be concerned with Chaos Theory and intelligent design. What has subsequently become clear, or at least less unclear, is that it […]