Jeremy Clarkson and ORD

Please take a moment to consider the following:

When asked a question relating to an event you haven’t witnessed, should you

1) Give an opinion expressing your shock, horror and disgust?

2) Decline to comment until you have acquainted yourself with the relevant information?

Well, from where I sit it looks like you have a 50/50 chance of making the right call. How come then that so many supposedly  intelligent people got it so wrong last week when they expressed their shock, horror and disgust with Jeremy Clarkson’s comments on the One Show.

Any argument about the content of his comments paled into insignificance compared with the ridiculously unintelligent and ill informed  comments of trade unionists and others suggesting that Mr Clarkson should be sacked by the BBC.

Anyone who did bother to watch the programme and listen to the supposedly shocking comments will know that it was, when taken in context, an intelligently crafted joke about the BBC’s polices regarding  journalistic balance. It was obvious to anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear that the public sector strike wasn’t even the primary target.

I conclude that this seems to be another manifestation of what could be called ORD: Outrage Readiness Disorder. A very sad condition that seems to be spreading rapidly from its origins in the Tunbridge Wells area.

The only way I can see of avoiding a mass cull is the possible development of a vaccine. However, it may already be too late in which case the Clarkson hypothesis will have to be followed. All sufferers of ORD should  be taken….  Well you know the rest!