Self Help Guide to a Happy New Year

I, in common with millions of people the world over, am in search of meaning, truth and contentment.  Christmas has never been a great help to me in this quest.

You see, on the one hand it gives me time to think and on the other it gives me  time to think! At least I think that’s what it does.

Too much thinking is obviously a very dangerous thing. If you should doubt the validity of this sweeping claim then just listen to some of the things that come out of think tanks, opposition politicians and the Archbishop of Canterbury. Not to mention the number of great thinkers throughout history who have come to sticky ends. Thinking, regardless of its quality is obviously detrimental to the well being of the thinker! and often a great many innocent bystanders.

Add to this the FACT that the most contented, and therefore least dangerous people I know, are the very ones that spend the least time thinking, and I think (there I go again) we have established conclusively and without doubt, that thinking is at the root of all evil.

My New Year’s resolution will therefore be, to achieve contentedness through the supreme power of thoughtlessness.

Happy (thoughtless) New Year

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