Long Time Coming And Probably Shouldn’t Have Bothered

It’s  a while since I posted a blog. It’s not that I haven’t written anything. I have started many times but never really had my heart in it. Who was it that said, ‘I didn’t leave poetry, poetry left me.’ I know it’s not quite the same thing but my artistic temperament does mean that if it’s not happening, it’s not going to happen till it’s ready. I am learning to take these absences of creativity a little bit more in my stride, after all it has always come back in the past.

What prompted me to write this was thinking about happiness and the fact that humans tend to see the world through rose tinted glasses. You know the one that’s always quoted, 99% of drivers rate themselves as above average. Clearly many of us are feeling better about ourselves and our lot in life than we have any right to!

So perhaps depression is when the rose tinted glasses slip and we see the world and ourselves for what it is/we really are.

Oh dear, I am not sure this is a good subject.

I am not worthy!!!!