Should Have Done A Risk Assessment

I have found  today that two things are true:  computers are bad for my health and better late is definitely better than never, although I have to admit that sooner would have been preferable.

Having suffered with an excruciatingly painful neck and shoulder injury for over a year, the penny has finally dropped. The more I use the computer the more it hurts, that is my shoulder not the computer.

Now I have to decide: is it the chair that’s too high or the keyboard that’s too low? Do I cut the legs off the chair or jack up the keyboard? Difficult decision!

Eureeeeeeeka – got it!!

I have taken the keyboard from its little under-shelf and placed it on the desk top which is about 6 inches higher. What an ergonomic difference that makes!

Amazingly it only took me 18  months to work that out.

PS If you think I have just made that up, think again.

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