Skiving Off Or Well Earned Rest

It’s a wonderful sunny spring day, the birds are singing and there is a gentle breeze rippling the surface of the lake. I should probably be at work.

It’s a fishing lake in the heart of the Sussex countryside and I am here because of my son’s obsession with fish and fishing. It seems that if I am not helping him build a Koi pond within what was planned to be my fernery, I am sitting by a lake watching him fish or visiting an aquarium.

I am not a fisherman myself, never have been and have no real interest in it beyond enjoying the obvious pleasure it gives both my sons.

One aspect of their hobby that I am finding most agreeable is that they have to be accompanied by a responsible adult, and I at least, partly qualify for the job. It gives me an opportunity to stop work and just sit in a beautiful place and do absolutely nothing, without the usual pangs of guilt that I would feel about wasting time.

So for me, and I suspect many others fishing, it provides a legitimate reason/excuse for idleness.

Not sure how I will cope when the kids grow up and can be idle all on their own!

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