Sod’s Law

OK, so I don’t get out much. I admit, the demands of family and work, combined with a woeful lack of social skills take their toll.

But in this instance I am alluding to a different sort of getting out.

This morning I managed for the first time this year to get out of the office, (which is full of paper work, samples and models, mostly relating to one or other of this year’s show gardens) and do some physical gardening rather than the conceptual or virtual kind.

It wasn’t to last long however.

Sod’s law intervened; as I arrived on site so did the snow. After an hour, and having replanted a short section of holly hedge damaged when a sycamore stump was ground out, I have now resumed my sedentary life.

The holly by the way was a variety called Siberia Limsi. Not too prickly, a refreshingly lighter green than normal and self fertile, very clever!

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