The Subversive Kitchen Garden

On Tuesday we started work on the Easigrass garden for The Chelsea Flower Show, subtitled The Urban Plantaholics Kitchen Garden. (Please don’t make the mistake of thinking I have jumped on the latest fashionable middle class bandwagon. Oh no, all is not as it sounds!!!)

When I say started work I mean of course physical building work, as I have been designing and planning, not to mention form filling, for several months now.

Due to the nature of the design we are able to construct the built elements in kit form, and then bolt them together and add the finishing touches at the show. This approach should leave us plenty of time for messing around with plants. Thirty percent of the marks are allocated for planting, the largest proportion, so it’s important to leave enough time to get them just right!

For now though, we have a couple of weeks worth of messing about with wood, glass, pipes, cables, fabric and paint ahead of us. Exciting stuff I am sure you will agree!

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