This Blog Thing

When I started this blog thing it was winter, a very bad winter, and I was finding it hard to get out of the house/office as much as I would like. In those dark, cold days writing was a great way to expend some excess creative energy. As you can probably tell from the sparsity of my recent posts  my creative energy has been diverted in many other directions; The Chelsea Flower Show and filming for Alan Titchmarsh forthcoming series to name but two.

It’s interesting how whenever things quieten down a little I seem to have an idea for a post. I decided from the start that I would only blog when I felt I had something to get off my chest and not just do it for the sake of I don’t know what.

Well that’s the point. Right now I am far too wrapped up in lots of other things to be wasting time writing posts that no one’s likely to read. Or perhaps that’s just how it seems to me. After all everything really is relative isn’t it! I have to concede that I may be struggling to maintain a sense of perspective. After all, while I was collecting an RHS gold medal at Tatton Park last week, for a collaboration with my friends John Humphreys and Derek Smith (photos on the gallery soon) plans are being drawn up to make half the country’s teachers, doctors, nurses, road sweepers, police persons and garden designers redundant and in one fell swoop plunge us into economic oblivion.

Wow! I seem to have rediscovered  my inner writer or should that be ranter. Either way I feel a lot better now!

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