False Dawn

What a shame last week’s sunshine and optimism  seems to have evaporated and we are back to grey skies and bitter winds, not to mention more gloomy economic figures.

Now, I am not one for talking things down, economic or otherwise, but we seem to be under attack from all sides. The exchange rate between the pound and euro has made  importers from Europe about a fifth more expensive and this at a time when budgets are already tight.

This should of course have a reverse effect on trade the other way but, and this is puzzling, the latest figures show a sharp drop in exports. How does that work?

One commentator suggested that the snow in January may be to blame and another derided this as a week excuse.

So there you have it. Darkness has fallen once again on the affairs of man. It’s no wonder weather forecasters, priests  and psychics seem to keep so busy.

All of humanity seems to be stumbling around in a thick fog, whilst suffering from a strange delusion that there is no fog and the way forward is crystal clear.

Oh well, I think for now I’ll have another beer.

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